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Add Your Business to the Worlds best Dental Portal

Smyleee Dental Portal is one of the fastest growing dental directory and marketplace. Whats unique about us is we are focussed only in the field of dentistry. Visitors enjoy our content and trust the clinics that are listed on our directory. Listing your clinic on Smyleee will help you get more business. There are several benefits like:

1) More Leads from Organic Searches. When users search for keywords like “Best Dentist near me”, “Best orthodontist in Toronto” our website ranks on top search results. If you are listed on your website your clinic will be visible to the users who are looking for such services.
2) Powerful Backlink which will boost your SEO Score.
3) Increase Citations and Boost Local SEO Ranking on Google/Bing Maps.
4) Chance to feaure in Top 10 Best Dental Clinics in your City.

What is Service Marketplace?

Patients who are looking for services like Root Canal in Dubai they will enter Root Canal in the Search Box and Dubai in Location. It will show all the Dental Clinics in Dubai which provides Root Canal Service. If you have a clinic in Dubai or any part of the world, you can also show your services when customers search for those keywords. Smyleee is one of the fastest growing Dental Portal with more than 7000 dental clinics listed across the globe. Be a part of this Directory and get more leads and increase your customer base.

Please visit to see a live demo. You may search for keywords like Root Canal, Teeth Whitening, Teeth Cleaning and check the search result.

Try Service Marketplace

You can check the service feature by visiting this link. Users can look for Dental Clinics which offer Free Consultation by Typing Free Consultation in the search box. They can enter keywords like Root Canal, Dentures, Scaling, Cleaning, Implant and much more. If they are looking for services in a specific location they can enter that too. Smyleee is integrated with Google Map API to provide results close to the users.

Get Featured in Top 10 Dental Clinics in your Neighbourhood

Also let us know if you wish to list your business in the Top 10 Dental Clinics in your city.
On this page we have 10 Organic listings which are handpicked by our team of experts based on several parameters. These listings cannot be manipulated and it may be updated by our team based on review and ratings which are gathered from various sources.

On top of the 10 Organic Listings we have options to place your clinics as sponsored listings. It is a paid service and the Price depends on the Location of the Clinic, The Search volume of the Keywords, Number of Clinics in that area Bidding for the Top Spot. We have 3 Premium Spots for Every City so if you are interested please reply to this message about premium services.

We are adding hundreds of new clinics everyday and our mission is to add 25,000 best dental clinics on our Directory by 2025. Adding clinics on our portal is absolutely free, but before we publish the listings we go through quality check process. Rest assured if all the details are filled properly the listings will get approved within 24 hours.

Make the most out of this service and grow your dental business.
You may list your your business by using the following link