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What is Smyleee Dental Marketplace

Thank you for listing your business with us at smyleee.com. We hope we are able to help you grow your business and reach a wider audience. We are delighted to inform you about our new feature called Smyleee Service Marketplace. This allows users to find clinics nearby that provide the services they are looking for.

For example an user who is looking for Root Canal Service in Dubai can simply enter Root Canal in the search box and enter Dubai in the location and click on the search button. Once the user clicks on search button he/she will see all the clinics that provides Root Canal Service in Dubai. It will not only list the clinics but also show the Service Fee, Call button, location, clinic timing, whatsapp appointment and offers if applicable. Please take a look at the sample search results.

Try Service Marketplace

You can check the service feature by visiting this link. Users can look for Dental Clinics which offer Free Consultation by Typing Free Consultation in the search box. They can enter keywords like Root Canal, Dentures, Scaling, Cleaning, Implant and much more. If they are looking for services in a specific location they can enter that too. Smyleee is integrated with Google Map API to provide results close to the users.

If you would like to increase your business and get more leads/customers then all you have to do is send us your Services Details in this format.

1) Service Name.
2) Service Description in few words.
2) Regular Price.
3) Discounted Price for Smyleee Visitors.
4) Currency.

Once we receive this information we would add them in the Smyleee Service Marketplace.

This is free for sometime so please act now. It will remain free for limited time only.